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Rumor: iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 releasing in September

A report from an Italian phone website could accidentally have released information on the iPhone 5; information that Apple almost definitely would not want out in the wild should it be real. As the Telegraph reports, the rumors suggest the iPhone 5 will release in the United States on September 5th, and will release elsewhere in the world in October. A technology blog called 'Genius Boy Reports', hints at AT&T having started to prepare employees for an imminent launch of the new handset. It also states that Apple is employing more staff for the Apple Stores worldwide in order to cope with "new product launches".

Apple's previous track record involved confirming the existence of a new iPhone model at the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote (often abbreviated to 'WWDC'). When the announcement was not made this June at the keynote, speculation immediately shifted to September, which is the month that Apple has consistently updated its iPod range during. The company itself has been tight-lipped about future releases, as always.

Depending on reports, some suggest that the new iPhone model is simply a "4S" version, which would be a minor improvement over the older model, and other say it is an entirely new device. Fans of the Cupertino-based company predict that the device will migrate to the Apple A5 processor, in-place of the Apple A4 found in the iPhone 4. The A5 processor is already in use with the iPad 2. Other theories suggest that the device may come with a mobile-transaction system to aid purchasing from the App Store, and even other rumors suggest that the device will come with an improved camera.

One probability, however, is that the phone will make use of the camera found in the white iPhone 4. After the release of the white model it was quickly found that it has a different camera to the original iPhone 4, which was available exclusively in black. The new camera made the white version marginally thicker, ruling out the original cases for the device. This newer camera is almost definitely the one that will power the iPhone 4S / 5's video and snapshot recording at some point in the future.

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