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Samsung Display will debut stretchable OLED display at SID 2017

Samsung Display is set to reveal its stretchable display at SID (Society for Information Display) 2017. The conference is being held in Los Angeles this week and focuses on electronic display technology.

Although there have been many flexible and foldable displays that have been showcased in the past, Samsung's is a bit more unique in that it can actually be stretched and not only in one direction. After it has been stretched to its max of 12mm, the display will revert back to its original shape. Like most specialized pieces of technology, the panel will not come out of the gate as a 40- or 60-inch unit, but will instead arrive as a 9.1-inch panel. If you were thinking about purchasing this product in the near future, you'll be disappointed, as the technology is being showcased as a demo with no plans for commercialization just yet. Naturally, with devices taking on many shapes and forms, it's only a matter of time before something like this comes to market.

Source: Yonhap via The Korean Herald via Android Authority

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