Samsung loses Apple patent suit in UK over 3G data


Apple has won a patent infringement lawsuit today in the UK that clears it of charges that it unlawfully used Samsung technology. Samsung had claimed that three patents related to processing and transmitting data on 3G networks had been infringed by Apple, but the court found all three claims invalid.

Thomson Reuters reports that while Apple declined to comment, a Samsung spokeswoman said, "Upon a thorough review of the judgment we will decide whether to file an appeal."

In a previous UK lawsuit between the two, Apple lost when they claimed Samsung infringed their patents with the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Tab 8.9 and Tab 7.7. Apple was punished and had to put an apology on its website, however, because of Apple's wording of the apology, Judge Jacob deemed Apple "non-compliant" and ordered them to reissue it.

Last August in the U.S., Apple won $1.049 billion in damages against Samsung as the Jury found that Samsung had infringed on design and software patents.

Source: Thomson Reuters Image: Apple, Samsung

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