Samsung shows off world's first curved OLED TV

CES is the time for all things gadgetry to be revealed. The world’s tech press are there in force, salivating over the latest tech that promises so much on the day. Now Samsung have gone and revealed something that I’m sure a lot of us will want – a 55”, curved OLED TV. Yes, curved!

With Samsung reps at their booth boasting “IMAX-like” experiences from the TV and Samsung’s press release promising a “panorama effect, which is currently not available with conventional flat-panel TVs,” the TV is pushing the boundaries of home entertainment. Whether you’re watching nature scenery or vast landscape scenes, the display should make you feel like you’re surrounded by the environment.

HS Kim, Executive VP of Samsung Electronics Visual Display Business has said:

Samsung is dedicated to developing innovation television solutions, beyond what consumers could ever expect, or could even imagine. We will continue our tradition of developing Samsung TV innovations by steadily introducing new TV technology that helps enhance the lives of users, even beyond the World’s First Curved OLED TV.

Just how close you need to sit to be able to feel immersed in the on screen environment is yet to be seen, but when viewing from in front of the TV, it’s obvious that there is a curve to the screen. When looking at it from the side, well, see for yourself!

With OLED TVs starting to hit the market, their cost is still more of a premium than regular LCD and LED TVs, but time will change that. Although it’s yet to be seen how much a curved OLED display will cost, considering LG’s 55” OLED TV, the 55EM960V, debuted at around the £7,000 mark in July 2012.

There has been no word on pricing or availability for Samsung’s latest and greatest, but we expect high and later this year!

So, who wants one? Although all those people that have TV mounted to the wall might be a little frustrated that they will now have more of it protruding out.

Source: Samsung | Images courtesy of Tech Radar

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