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Samsung testing "Safety Truck" that lets you see what the driver sees, for road safety

Image via Samsung Tomorrow

Drivers will know this-- it's not very easy to drive on the road when a semi-trailer or a long truck is nearby. With the vehicle's size and length, it can be very hard to overtake it, bring along the possibility of colliding with another vehicle approaching on the other lane.

Samsung had this situation in mind, and devised a solution that could help eliminate the problem and improve road safety even more.

Dubbed the "Safety Truck," this large vehicle is equipped with a front view camera that records what the situation of the road is in front of the truck. This is then broadcasted to four hung television monitors which can be found at the back of the semi-trailer truck. What can be seen on the camera is reportedly the same view that the driver of the truck sees. This then will inform the driver driving behind the truck of what is going on out front, giving the driver an idea if it is safe to overtake the truck or not.

While this situation could happen to anyone anywhere in the world, Samsung developed the project especially for Argentina. According to the report, the aforementioned country has one of the highest statistics when it comes to road accidents, which usually occur on overtaking situations on two-lane roads.

Samsung claims that the idea can indeed help save lives. The South Korean giant is currently planning to perform tests to be able to comply with national protocols and obtain the necessary permits for the project's operation. With this, Samsung is reportedly working with the Argentinean government and NGO's that promote safe driving, to secure its proper regulation.

Samsung seems to be recently on a roll with ideas on aiming to improve lives. Just last month, the company devised a new app that could help people suffering with Alzheimer's disease recover some of their memory.

While the "Safety Truck" is still in the testing process and it could go either way for the project, a word of advice for all drivers: be careful out there.

Source and video via Samsung Tomorrow

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