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Sea of Thieves is introducing underwater vaults and strongholds to plunder

Fresh off the massively successful Season Three that carried a hefty Pirates of the Caribbean crossover, Sea of Thieves is soon taking players under the waves for its latest major content update as part of Season Four. While the update carrying all the new Siren goodies is slated to come ashore later this week, Rare today unveiled the main features via a handy trailer, seen above.

The biggest additions are the new Siren Shrine and Siren Treasury destinations found deep underwater containing Coral-themed treasures. The six unique Sunken Shrines are being scattered around the seas offering daring pirates a chance to solve various puzzles for loot as they progress. Meanwhile, Siren Treasuries are combat focused, with valuable loot given to players who succeed in taking down waves of undersea enemies.

The Siren and Ocean Crawler units that were introduced in the previous season are the main enemy types players will be facing as they dive deep this update. To save players from taking multiple trips up and down to take back the loot they won, Rare is also introducing a treasure storage method that will make use of a mermaid to transport entire loot stacks from the bottom of the sea to the surface waves.

Sea of Thieves Season 4 screenshot

To begin plundering these underwater locations, players can head towards the newly marked Siren brands on the map. When sailing near a Shrine or Treasury, the sea surface above it will shimmer to guide players in. These locations will also be tied to the new coral-encrusted voyage bottles found around the world for making gold off a new type of loot: The Breath of the Seas.

At least from the trailer, it looks like the ships of crews diving for treasure will remain unguarded up top. We will have to wait and see if there's any new mechanics to prevent that, or does it mean at least one crew member will have to stay behind to watch the horizon. The one hundred levels of the free battle pass as well as the premium Plunder Pass are getting refreshed with Season Four as well.

Sea of Thieves Season Four will land on September 23. Its full changelog will be made available right when the update goes live across the Xbox console and PC versions.

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