Sea of Thieves 'The Forsaken Hunter' Adventure now live, offering a new investigation

Rare is almost finished with Season 6 of Sea of Thieves, but there is one more Adventure for players to embark on before Captaincy arrives. The latest Adventure, titled The Forsaken Hunter, has players searching for the old and dependable Megalodon hunter Merrick, who has disappeared from the world. Watch the new trailer that sets the tone for this story update above.

This Adventure comes shortly after the 'Lost Sands' finale, which saw the Golden Sands Outpost being rebuilt after just over 53% of pirates in the Sea of Thieves managed to snag the win in favor of saving it. However, Merrick, the NPC that orchestrated the saving campaign, has seemingly been killed and captured (yes, in that order) before he could get back on the Ferry of the Damned, which has led to this latest situation.

Exclusive rewards are available for crews that complete the Adventure before it goes away on July 14. Xbox and PC players can start the quest by talking to Larinna at any Outpost. Read up on all that has happened in the ongoing monthly Sea of Thieves storyline by heading to Rare's catch-up blog post here.

Sea of Thieves screenshot

As for what's next, Season 7 is set to bring the long-awaited Captaincy update in July. Four years in the making, the ability to name ships, customize interior rooms, save cosmetic sets, and much more are coming to the 30-million player strong multiplayer adventure game in July.

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