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Some Google Fiber users will get access to crazy fast 20 Gig speeds by the end of 2023

Earlier this year, Google revealed that its Google Fiber internet service would start offering 5 Gig (5 Gbps) service, and even 8 Gig speeds, in some of the cities where the ISP is available. Today, Google announced it plans to offer internet speed of up to 20 Gig for a select number of users before the end of 2023.

The new crazy-fast internet speeds is the first project from GFiber Labs, which will offer new features in collaboration with other companies. In this case, Google is working with technology that was first developed by Nokia to break down certain internet speed caps,

While Google Fiber has been testing 20 Gig speeds in a couple of small locations, such as the University of Missouri - Kansas City and the United Way of Utah County, this new tier of service will be available for residential users for the first time in, again, just a few areas for now.

Google stated that residential customers who are picked for this new test program will also be one of the first people to get a Wi-Fi 7 wireless router as well. It added:

As the inaugural GFiber Labs project, 20 Gig with Wi-Fi 7 will bring together the most advanced technologies to offer customers a first-of-its-kind in-home internet experience. GFiber will be one of the first ISPs to deploy Nokia’s 25G PON technology, which will allow our customers to break the 10 Gig barrier that limited existing architectures. Nokia’s 25G PON provides up to 10x speeds energy efficiently and without requiring any changes to the existing fiber in the ground.

If you live in a Google Fiber location in the US, and want to be considered for the 20 Gig testing program, you can sign up for this early access service on the 20 Gig website. Google says that one of its ultimate goals with the Fiber division is to offer residents speeds as high as 100 Gigs sometime in the future.

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