Sony Drops Price of Incoming Blu-ray Player

Sony has announced that its second-generation Blu-ray Disc player, originally set to launch at $599.99 this summer, will ship to retailers this week at a reduced price of $499.99. The BDP-300 will essentially cost half of what players cost at Blu-ray's introduction; both the Samsung BD-P1000 or the Sony BDP-S1 were originally selling for $999.99.

Of course, when the PlayStation 3 hit, one could buy a 20GB machine capable of playing the new, high-def media for $499.99. Sony later discontinued the 20GB PS3, but even the $599.99 60GB machine was cheaper than any standalone Blu-ray player. Samsung also dropped prices for its second-generation offering, the BD-P1200, which comes in at $799.99.

The Sony BDP-300, will finally be the cheapest way to get into Blu-ray Disc players without buying one that comes with a gaming component. In April, a Sony subsidiary said that it was able to increase production of blue-violet laser diodes used in Blu-ray drives. The production jump and lowering prices of components were likely at play for new price of Sony's player.

News source: DailyTech

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