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Starfield will be getting another expansion pack after Shattered Space among Year 2 content


Many people who have played Bethesda Game Studios' space-based RPG Starfield likely assumed that after the release of the Shattered Space paid expansion pack later in 2024, that would be it for new content for that game. However, Todd Howard, the game director for Starfield, has confirmed the studio has more in store for Starfield plans.

In an interview with "Matty" on the popular MrMattyPlays YouTube channel today, Howard was asked if there were plans to do a story expansion every year. Howard stated:

I would say we want to, more or less. yeah. How long that continues, hopefully a very long time, but that's what we're planning for, the one after this. So there will be another one.

Howard also confirmed that development of the upcoming Shattered Space expansion began just after the release of Starfield in September 2023. In addition, Howard did say that Shattered Space will take place mostly in one city and location. Of course, there will also be free updates released for the game. Bethesda just released the Creation Kit mod tools for Starfield last week on Steam among other updates for the game.

Speaking of which, there was some controversy last week over a Bethesda-published Starfield quest that had a $7 price tag. Many people commented that it cost too much to purchase this minor quest. Howard stated:

I do think we going to take a look at that and how we deliver content, you know, like that and whether we're changing pricing or breaking it up, or what we should do there. So great feedback from the community.

Howard also points out there are now people who make mods for Starfield and other Bethesda games that are getting revenue and even making a living from their work:

Our view is that a lot of them have gone from hobbyists to professionals and it's part of our job to make sure they can do that and that they do get paid and they see the monetary rewards, if they make awesome content.

Starfield: Shattered Space is due for release sometime later in 2024.

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