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Surface Hub 2X isn't coming this year, but its features are coming to the 2S

When Microsoft announced the Surface Hub 2 in May 2018, it promised some interesting new features like Dynamic Rotation and Tiling, the latter of which would let you set up multiple Surface Hub 2 units next to each other. Later that year, the firm backtracked in a big way, splitting the Surface Hub 2 into separate 2S and 2X products.

The Surface Hub 2 is the display, and it has a modular compute unit. The 2S shipped last year, promising all of the features of the original Surface Hub. When the 2X shipped in 2020, users would just have to swap out the compute unit. We learned last week, however, that the Surface Hub 2X might be delayed, or might not ship at all.

Over the weekend though, Microsoft leakster WalkingCat tweeted out some more details, including video from a webinar. For one thing, the videos confirmed that the Surface Hub 2X compute unit will definitely not ship this year.

What's interesting though, is that Microsoft actually said that it might be able to provide a software update for the Surface Hub 2S that adds Dynamic Rotation and Tiling, so you wouldn't need to pay for a hardware upgrade at all.

The possible addition of the new features to the Surface Hub 2S adds some context to the idea that the 2X might not ship at all. After all, there wouldn't be any real value proposition to it without any unique features. Unless Microsoft rethinks the idea with some new features, the only change would be the Windows 10X software experience.

In the meantime, Microsoft says that it's committed to delivering software updates to the 2S this year, as well as the promised 85-inch Surface Hub 2S.

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