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Survey shows nearly half the systems still not ready for Windows 11, a whole year later

windows 11 TPM requirement

It has been a year since Windows 11 began rolling out to the public on October 5, 2021. And right before that happened, Lansweeper, a firm which helps enterprises manage their IT operations, released a large-scale survey result. The data in this survey tried to gauge the number of systems out there in the enterprise space that were actually ready for Windows 11 and its stringent system requirements. What it revealed was hardly surprising to many. The data showed that less than 50% systems actually met Windows 11's requirements.

A year later, Lansweeper has released new data and the landscape has definitely changed somewhat in favor of Windows 11. However, it is probably not close to what Microsoft had hoped for. The percentage of CPUs that meets the requirements has gone up from 44.4% last time to 57.26% this time, an increase of around 13 percentage points. This means close to 43% systems do not meet the CPU requirements still.

Lansweeper says that 30 million devices from across 60,000 organizations have been surveyed. This number is the same as last time's which means the comparison becomes easier as the base is the same. You can view the breakdown of CPU, RAM, and TPM requirements in the image below:

Lansweeper survey 2022

Up next, a separate column showing the breakdown of TPM requirements for workstations and servers is provided. The chart below plots the same data for physical machines from the previous image that shows 14.66% of workstations do not feature TPM 2.0.

Lansweeper survey 2022

Finally, we have two charts that shows the market share of the different versions of Windows. According to it, Windows 11 currently has just over 2.5% share which is absolutely tiny compared to Windows 10.

Lansweeper survey 2022
Lansweeper survey 2022

The second chart compares the adoption trend of Windows 11 for consumers and businesses. You may find more insight in the original survey report here.


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