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Sweden comes to Civilization VI: Gathering Storm with Nobel Prizes

Firaxis has revealed yet another new civilization heading to Civilization VI with the upcoming Gathering Storm expansion, this time putting a spotlight on Sweden.

Being led by Kristina, Sweden comes with Nobel Prize as its unique ability. This adds three new World Congress competitions to any game with Sweden in its roster, while also giving the civilization bonus diplomatic favor whenever it earns Great Persons. To help with this, Factories and Universities grant additional Great Engineer points and Great Scientist points respectively to Sweden as well.

Meanwhile, Kristina has the leader ability Minerva of the North, which automatically gives themes to buildings and wonders that have full Great Work slots. She also allows players to build the Queen's Bibliotheque unique building, that comes with six Great Work slots.

Sweden has its own unique improvement as well, the Open-Air Museum. This loyalty providing facility can only be built once in every city, but for every different type of terrain that Swedish cities are settled on, this improvement deals out extra culture and tourism bonuses. Players intending to play Sweden should remember to focus on expanding their empire to all sorts regions to maximize the Museum's output.

And finally, the Carolean renaissance era unit is replacing the Pike and Shot as Sweden's unique unit. These will fare quite well against enemy cavalry and they also gain more combat strength when their movement points haven't been used up yet.

Two more civilization reveals remain before Firaxis releases the Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion, which is slated to launch on February 14 on PC. Head over here to see the $39.99 expansion's full feature list.

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