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T-Mobile announces WFX for businesses with employees working remotely

T-Mobile logo and WFX text showing the three products offered

Today, T-Mobile announced WFX, a bundle of three services that's aimed at businesses with employees remotely. The Un-carrier says that a third of consumers don't think that 5G has any meaningful impact on their lives, and it blames this on the marketing of other carriers. With T-Mobile, it's trying to build out a product that wouldn't be possible on 4G, similar to how it recently rolled out a truly unlimited plan.

“The pandemic pushed the fast forward button on the future of work, giving us a decade’s worth of progress in a year’s time. And it’s clear that work will never be the same,” said Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO. “Tomorrow’s workplace won’t be anything like the old work from office (WFO) world, and it won’t be like today’s work from home (WFH) world. It’ll be something new: the work from anywhere (WFX) world. And T-Mobile WFX and our 5G network arrive at the right time to help businesses meet this moment head on … and come out the other side stronger.”

There are three services that are part of WFX. As you'd guess, it includes T-Mobile Enterprise Unlimited, which is its unlimited 5G plan for businesses. The company says that because AT&T and Verizon use shared data plans, your employees don't get the speed and data that they would with T-Mobile. With the current data forecast, T-Mobile says that businesses are set to pay $2.5 billion in overage fees over the next five years, so that's where the Un-carrier comes in. Enterprise Unlimited costs the same or less than its competitors, and it offers more.

Next up is T-Mobile Home Office Internet, which is more or less what it sounds like. It's 5G home internet, but it's exclusively to use for work. In fact, the dedicated router can actually filter out content that's not work-related, so this is most certainly not home internet. T-Mobile says that this covers 60 million households, and it has plans to cover 90 million by 2025.

Finally, the third piece of the puzzle is T-Mobile Collaborate. This is a suite of collaboration tools, such as video and voice conferencing, an AI assistant for taking notes and more, integration with Microsoft 365, and more.

T-Mobile said that Home Office Internet starts at $90 per line per month, and Enterprise Unlimited with Collaborate starts at $37 per line per month.

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