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Wikipedia suffers mass editor loss

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Staple student reference site Wikipedia has come under some hard times recently. The English language version of the site is crying out for $7.5 million USD worth of support to keep the site up and...

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Why China is no good for surfing

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Esteemed surfers of Neowin may have read one of my previous articles regarding the Internet restrictions China is currently implementing upon all new computers within its jurisdiction. The link to which can be found, here....

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Microsoft has launched Microsoft Student Experience beta website, which has a lot information, targeted at students. It contains information from Microsoft internships, getting discounted software and is conveniently tabbed under Home, Academics, Socialize, Get Involved...

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SunnComm Technologies, a developer of CD antipiracy technology, said Thursday that it will likely sue a Princeton student who early this week showed how to evade the company's copy protection by pushing a computer's Shift...

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