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TechSpot: Intel Core i7-6700K "Skylake" CPU Review

Last month we finally got our first look at Intel's latest 14nm technology for desktop computers when we reviewed the Core i7-5775C. Whereas Broadwell was a 'tick' in Intel's "tick-tock" manufacturing and design model, offering a few minor tweaks, Skylake is a 'tock' which means the redesign should provide greater CPU and GPU performance with reduced power consumption.

A number of significant changes will be introduced with Skylake, chief among them being the new LGA1151 socket, which isn't backward compatible with anything previously available, instead requiring a new motherboard that supports an Intel 100 Series chipset, also known as Sunrise Point.

The memory controller found on Skylake processors has been upgraded to support DDR4 memory, though it will be limited to dual-channel operation. Skylake processors will support DDR3 memory as well, so it will be up to the motherboard manufacturers to decide which standard they're going to use.

On hand today for our tests we have the Intel Core i7-6700K, a quad-core processor operating at a base clock of 4.0GHz.

Read: Intel Core i7-6700K "Skylake" CPU Review
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