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Telegram introduces scheduled messages, reminders, improved theming, and more

Since its inception in 2013, Telegram has often delivered new features that can't be found on most other messaging apps. The developers continue to add new features with more updates every now and then, and today it's time for another one with version 5.11.

This release introduces scheduled messages, which do exactly what the name suggests. You can hold down the send button to schedule a message for any time you prefer. This can also be done in the Saved Messages section, and that makes messages double as reminders. You can write up a reminder, set a time for it to be displayed, and it'll show up as a normal message would.

There are also improvements to theming in the app. Now, in addition to the themes that have always been bundled with the app, users can now choose from any color of their preference to apply to the Mono and Dark themes. Telegram will then automatically adjust every element of the app to match the chosen color.

Telegram is introducing cloud themes as well. When you create a custom theme, you can now share it with others using a sharing link, just as you would a group or channel. Since they're cloud-based, as the owner of a theme, you can update it at any time, and it will be updated for all of the people using it. This should make it easier for users to have themes that are up-to-date to work with the latest versions of the app itself.

For the privacy-conscious, Telegram has added a couple of new settings. If you choose to hide your phone number from all other users, there'll now be an option to make the number visible to users that already have your number. There's also a new setting to make it so that only people in your contacts can find your profile using your phone number. If someone has your phone number and searches for it, they won't be able to link it to your Telegram profile.

The last multi-platform update is the addition of more animated emoji, which will only work when you send a lone emoji in a message. On iOS, there's another change, which is a redesigned menu for message options such as replying and forwarding.

The update is rolling out right now and should be showing up for everyone soon enough.

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