Telltale plans to make more Walking Dead games

On Friday, Activision announced it was teaming up with developer Terminal Reality to launch a first person action game based on the Walking Dead TV series incarnation, for a release in 2013. But what about Telltale Games' adventure game series based on the comic book version of the zombie franchise? Fans of that game should have nothing to worry about.

Eurogamer reports that, according to a statement from Telltale's senior vice president of marketing Steve Allison, " ... this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do." The current version just released its second episode at the end of June and the third episode should be available for download sometime in mid-August.  Allison states, "Our first episodic game series based on The Walking Dead has sold nearly 1.7 million episodes to consumers in just our first eight weeks with no signs of slowing down."

If you want to get your games the old fashioned way, Allison also says that a retail version of their Walking Dead series will be released soon after the final episode is available to download. He added that Telltale is "looking forward" to playing Activision and Terminal Reality's FPS incarnation when it is released.


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