The 50-inch Surface Hub 2S can now run Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise

Microsoft today announced that it is making available Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise for the 50-inch Surface Hub 2S. The device currently runs an OS tailored for the firm’s collaboration displays called Windows 10 Team. The Redmond giant also recently released a Team 2020 Update preview build.

The firm says that the decision to bring Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise was to support “the new way of working and learning”. With the availability of these two versions, customers can now run the full suite of Windows apps on the Hub 2S, including Win32 and x64 apps in addition to the ones from the Microsoft Store. The company also says that the change helps users “maximize their productivity”.

Additionally, it adds that customers can now create “kiosk mode configurations in targeted environments”. Surface Hub 2S users running Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise will also soon be able to log in to the device using the display’s fingerprint reader – or third-party Windows Hello accessories.

The post also details the steps needed to be performed to install Windows 10 on the system. The device must be updated to UEFI version 694.2938.768.0 and should be enrolled into the Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) to unlock the device’s factory settings that allow for the installation of operating systems other than Windows 10 Team. You can head to the support document here for detailed instructions. Microsoft has also made available specific drivers for the Hub 2S running on Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise.

It is interesting to see the Hub 2S gain support for these versions of Windows 10. The Hub 2X, which was slated to be released this year, was reportedly pushed back due to delays with Windows 10X. It is possible that the features that may have made it to the Hub 2S from the Hub 2X were also delayed, leading to the firm deciding to bring the Pro and Enterprise SKUs to the collaboration computer to open up more apps for customers.

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