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The Finals adds its first solo game mode as part of today's new update

the finals

Embark's free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter The Finals officially launched for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms in December 2023. Embark quickly got over 10 million people to play it, and it was later added to the NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming service.

Today, the developer released its latest update for The Finals, version 1.5.0. The release notes include word of the game's first solo mode. It's called Solo Bank It, and it's a variant of the game's Bank It mode.

The regular Bank It mode has four teams, with each player on the team having a certain amount of "cash" on them. When they get killed in the game, their cash remains and can be picked up by other players. The team that collects and "banks" $40,000 of money in a cash-out location on the map wins the match.

The limited-time Solo Bank It mode is described by Embark this way:

This experimental twist on Bank It pits contestants against each other in a fight for individual glory in a 12-player arena. Just like Bank It, the first to amass 40,000 and deposit in the cash-out station wins. Solo queuers, rejoice!

In addition, Embark says this new update will make a number of improvements to combat "unfair play" in The Finals. It stated:

From now on, we’ll restrict cheaters with more confidence and will be able to stand firmly behind our bans. Our goal, as always, is to make the game safe, fair, and fun.

This is likely in response to some recent online comments from some players who got banned from the game late in December 2023 even though they were not cheating.

The 1.5.0 release notes include a lot of balance changes for the game's weapons, gadgets, special abilities, gameplay modes, and more. They also have put in a bunch of bug fixes. Finally, Embark says the in-game store has been expanded, offering "an even bigger and more diverse range of items at any given time."

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