The latest Skype Insider preview adds several quality improvements

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Skype, once the most popular service for video calls, is no longer Microsoft's favorite child. Still, the company does not plan to stop supporting Skype any time soon. Developers continue working on new features and improvements that become available first in the Skype Insider program. Version 8.84 is now ready for testing before public rollout.

Here is a detailed list of all changes and improvements in Skype Insider build 8.84:

  • A new "Leave" button is now available in the meeting lobbies on all platforms. If you mistakenly start a new meeting, you can click 'leave' to cancel the process.
  • Theme consistency in Skype for Web. Skype for Web no longer flashes the display when users join meetings. This change will make the service more comfortable for all users, especially those with high light sensitivity.
  • Improved call controls on Bluetooth and USB headsets.

Microsoft also fixed several annoying bugs in Skype:

  • Missing call recordings after a call. To retrieve missing recordings, enter the /getrecordings command.
  • Automatic call answering does not work on Windows when Skype is minimized.
  • Local video preview does not show up on Android during video calls.
  • The Open Chat button is missing on the join meeting lobby UI.

Microsoft rolls out Skype Insider updates in "waves", so the latest release might reach your device in a day or two. You can download Skype Insider on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS from the official website.

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