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The Playstation 3: 24 Things You Need to Know

It's becoming increasingly hard to tell what is truth and what is flamebait when it comes to Sony's forthcoming console, the PS3. So, the guys at Macworld have done everyone a favour and made a list of 24 facts about the PS3 that have been confusing everyone for the past couple of weeks.

Touch-sensitive power and eject buttons are a nice touch — literally

The eject and power on buttons on the face of the PS3 are touch sensitive, not unlike the iPod's wheel or the Chocolate phone's softkeys. It's a nice, classy addition that helps give the PS3 a more cutting-edge look and feel, especially compared to the somewhat clunky "clicky" Xbox 360 power and eject buttons. A small detail, perhaps, but on worth noting.

The PS3 is not just a cheap Blu-ray player

Nothing about the unit looks or feels cheap. The build quality of the console itself seems to be sturdy and substantial. The familiar red and blue/green LED lights, which indicate the system status, make a return from the PS2, but look more slick and futuristic. There are also tiny "feet" on the unit's left side — handy for standing it in a stable vertical position. And the chrome trim is a surprisingly cool bonus on the $599 premium model, for purely aesthetic reasons.

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Not all games will be 1080p

Although the hardware is certainly capable of delivering 1080p at 60 frames per second, certain titles will not reach this destination. In some cases, it's a matter of not having enough time or resources before launch to include the feature. In other cases, the game is so visually complex that ensuring 60 FPS 1080p might be more trouble than it's worth. We were informed that Resistance: Fall of Man maxes out at 720p — but this is understandable in light of its ambitious multiplayer. The game uses some pretty advanced physics calculations that require a ton of horsepower. Motorstorm also does not support 1080p and requires some serious calculation for its crash sequences, if appearances are any indication.

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