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The Poké Ball Plus accessory will be required to get Mew in Pokémon Let's Go

Late last month, The Pokémon Company announced Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon Let's GO, Eevee! for the Nintendo Switch as the next entry in the main Pokémon series. The games are based on Pokémon Yellow, released for the Game Boy Color in the late 1990s.

At its E3 presentation today, Nintendo didn't dedicate a lot of time to the new games, but the company did announce that the mythical Pokémon Mew will be available inside the Poké Ball Plus accessory, which was announced alongside the games. The accessory could already be used as a controller for the game, as well as for carrying a Pokémon inside while the player is on the go, but now it seems the accessory will already have Mew inside when it's purchased.

As this seems to be the only way to obtain the mythical creature in the games, fans may not be happy about paying more money for a specific character. In the original Pokémon Yellow, Mew was obtainable thanks to a glitch in the game which triggered an encounter when a very specific set of actions were taken, but it has been more easily accessible in other games since then.

After the presentation, during Nintendo's Treehouse Live stream, a few more details on the game have been clarified. It will be possible to enhance certain characteristics of Pokémon using items called candies and, much like in previous entries, trading and battling with other players will also be possible, both through local and online multiplayer, but this will require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

The game is available for pre-order through its dedicated page on Nintendo's E3 website, which also mentions a special bundle including the Poké Ball Plus accessory alongside the game. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an official price for this bundle yet.

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