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The Thing: Remastered game is coming to bring back some scary sci-fi action via Nightdive

the thing

In 1982, John Carpenter directed The Thing, which went on to become one of the most acclaimed horror movies of all time. In 2002, game developer Computer Artworks released The Thing, a game that served as a sequel to the events in the 1982 film.

Today, Nightdive Studios announced that it will be releasing The Thing: Remastered, a graphical update to that 2002 third person action-horror game. The game's Steam page is already up, along with a new trailer (although it does not yet show any gameplay),

In case you are unfamiliar with the 1982 movie, it takes place in Antarctica, when an American scientific base and its team members come across an alien that can take the form of any living being including humans. The movie didn't exactly end well. The sequel has you playing Captain J.F. Blake who has been set to the research base with his own team to find out what happened to it and its members.

Here's a quick description of what the game has in terms of features, and Nightdive's plans to upgrade it.

  • In 20 frightening levels, lead your team against terrifying monsters, from the scuttling head-spiders and human-like walkers to gigantic multi-tentacled beasts.
  • Advanced trust/fear interface adds a new level of interaction – How you influence your teams psychological state determines whether or not they will co-operate with you.
  • Experience brand new dynamic lighting, specular mapping, shadows, depth of field complemented by improved models, textures and environments to create a deep level of immersion.
  • Use awesome firepower like machine guns, explosives and flamethrowers to torch your enemies.
  • Brand new Achievements.
  • Quality of Life gameplay enhancements to improve your experience.
  • Choose multiple paths to solve problems that lie ahead and accomplish goals.

Nightdive will release The Thing: Remastered later this year for the PC via Steam, Sony's PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles, Microsoft's Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, and the Nintendo Switch console.

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