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This giant laptop weighs 45 kilos and has a 43-inch display

Worlds biggest laptop
Source: Evan and Katelyn

If you think 17-inch laptops are big enough, then you are about to see the mother of big-screen laptops - a 43-inch one. Yes, you read that correctly. YouTube channel Evan and Katelyn showed the muscle to work on this rather impractical project and achieved success.

The custom laptop is powered by an Intel NUC 11 mini computer and has a 43-inch screen packed inside a wooden chassis along with other electronics. However, the duo also spent time designing a metal support structure and a hinge that's strong enough to lift and hold the gigantic screen in place while you are using the laptop. Let's not talk about the screen falling on our fingers.

Speaking of the size, the laptop looks so big that even the giant Redragon K605 mechanical keyboard gets dwarfed when installed on it. And the touchpad is almost the size of a tablet computer. The cherry on the cake is the LED accent lights that do a great job of enhancing the visual appeal of the gigantic machine.

For reference, one of the biggest laptops in the world is the Acer Predator 21X which comes with a 21-inch display panel and around 8 KG. Another surprise here is that the final build of the custom laptop weighs a whopping 45.3 KG (100 pounds). The duo, in their own words, call it the world's biggest laptop. However, any recognized organization, like the Guinness World Records, is yet to validate the claims.

Evan and Katelyn have also made sure the laptop can run when a power source is not nearby. For that, they have installed two 150W batteries (each having 167Wh capacity) to power the NUC and screen, and a smaller battery for the LED lights. The duo also 3D-printed custom brackets to hold the batteries and other components so they don't slide inside the chassis when moved.

Via Gizmodo

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