Three new Windows 8.1 preview fixes released

If you are using the public preview of Windows 8.1, or are still thinking about installing the build, you might be happy to learn that Microsoft continues to release new updates for the OS. Today, Microsoft released the third batch of bug fixes for the Windows 8.1 preview, following a group of updates in early July and yet another round last week.

The third cluster of Windows 8.1 fixes includes one made to improve stability when the OS uses the SkyDrive cloud service. Another has been designed to fix a bug in Internet Explorer 11 where it was not starting the VBScript code embedded on a website associated with a timer. The third patch closes a bug that was causing the service metadata packages of some network operators not to function.

Microsoft will likely continue to release rapid updates to fix bugs in the Windows 8.1 preview build until the OS reaches the RTM stage. While there was a recent rumor that Microsoft had already completed the RTM build, this new update would seem to dispel that report. Microsoft has already stated it plans to deliver the RTM build of Windows 8.1 to its PC OEM partners sometime in late August.

Source: Microsoft via | Image via Microsoft

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