Toshiba Libretto W105; a netbook with two screens, no keyboard

Netbooks are great to carry around if you travel a lot, but one thing they lack is screen real estate. Toshiba set out to fix that with their Lebretto W105 model netbook. The netbook sports two 7-inch screens. The second screen also functions as a keyboard.

Last month LaptopMag did an interview with Phil Osako, Toshiba's director of product marketing and he said, "We want to kick off the next 25 years with a really cool, innovative concept product. The libretto W105 is an ultramobile companion PC that’s designed to push mobility forward. It’s a content product that opens people’s minds to a different way of thinking when it comes to laptop computing in a futuristic way. t’s great for content consumption, and really good for multitasking. It’s got the performance of an ultrathin laptop, but the mobility is much closer to something like a smart phone because of its size and weight."

Wired reviewed the $1,100 netbook in the video below. The W105 runs Windows 7 and has a 1.2GHz ultra low voltage Intel processor. You will also be able to use the device as an e-reader, when you tilt it side ways it will read like a book with one page on each side. If you aren't ready for a dual screen netbook, Toshiba is still selling a model with a plain old keyboard as well.

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