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Total War: Warhammer III heads to Xbox Game Pass for PC on day one

Total War Warhammer III artwork

Microsoft today announced another major day one release onto its Xbox Game Pass subscription service. This time, publisher Sega and developer Creative Assembly's latest Total War entry Warhammer III is the game in question.

When the highly-anticipated strategy game launches on February 17, 2022 for PC, it will be available to Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers for no extra charge. This will be the first Total War game to enter the subscription program unless some older entries begin dropping in the meantime.

Coming in as the finale to the Total War games set in Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy universe, Warhammer III is described by Creative Assembly as its biggest game ever. It features a massive map to conquer, six factions, nine legendary lords, as well as new mechanics, storylines, and battle types to experience. As expected from a Total War game, turn-based strategy is utilized in the overworld while the iconic battle systems with massive armies depend on real-time tactics.

Total War: Warhammer III was originally aiming for a 2021 launch, but was hit with a delay recently that pushed it back to early 2022.

Describing the setting of this concluding chapter, the studio adds:

Total War: Warhammer III brings an explosive conclusion with fan-favorite factions like snowy Kislev and enigmatic Grand Cathay, facing off against tides of daemons and monsters from the Chaos Realms. As each faction leader strives to attain power immortal from the breast of a dying god, you must manage your empire, field incredible armies, and exploit powerful magic and weapons to attain victory on the battlefield.

This is not the first Sega-published title to hit game pass on day one, with Humankind being another popular strategy experience to arrive on the platform at launch. Microsoft and Sega also announced a partnership recently that has them collaborating for large-scale Azure-powered games.

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