Twitter could be getting podcasts soon

Twitter initially started off as a microblogging platform where you could tweet your content in 140 characters or less. However, in recent months and years, it has evolved and branched out quite a bit and expanded its functionalities to entice more users. Recent examples include Twitter Spaces, Blue subscription, and lots more. Now, it seems like the company is working on podcast-related capabilities.

Logos of Twitter microphone and headphones on a dark background

As spotted by credible reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is working on a new interface where a microphone is present in the phone app's menu bar which seemingly takes you to a page labeled "Podcasts".

This is pretty much all we can see in the leaked image right now. It doesn't show how podcasts will be implemented in the app and if Spaces will be integrated with it too, considering their similar genre.

As it currently stands, live Spaces are found at the top of the Twitter mobile app, so it will be interesting to see how Twitter modifies its design to include podcasts too. There's little chance that the company will just have it tucked away under the microphone menu and not aggressively market it to consumers.

Although Spaces and podcasts are quite similar in nature, the former places more emphasis on the "live" aspect of the audio interaction while the latter also targets people who want to listen to content at their own pace. There's an audience for both, but it remains to be seen when, and if, podcasts will make their way to the Twitter app.

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