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Twitter starts rolling out a new interface for replies

Twitter is actively updated with new features such as the ability to remove followers without blocking them, receive a heads-up before entering intense conversations, and the opportunity to tip users of the platform, among many others. We recently learned that the company is testing the introduction of ads in replies to tweets, but ahead of that, it seems to be rolling out some UI changes to replies as well.

A Twitter screenshot of the old reply UI
Previous reply UI

Previously, if you wanted to reply to tweets, you would have to click on the reply icon (the "chat bubble" icon) which would open up a dedicated modal window through which you could respond to a tweet. A screenshot of this can be seen above.

Twitter screenshot with new reply UI
New reply UI

While that UI is still present, Twitter has now added another way that does not require opening the modal window. This is being done by offering a new UI element that shows a text box with the same "Tweet your reply" hint below the bottom of every tweet that you click on. This can be seen in the screenshot above.

It's unclear if this change is being made available to everyone right now or if it is being rolled out in a staggered manner. We have only seen a few tweets from Twitter users who have noticed the change.

A Twitter screenshot of search history
Bigger icons in recent searches

Another minor but noticeable change is that the size of the icons in your search result history is being increased. This makes logos more easily identifiable. A screenshot of this can be seen above. It's likely that other changes to the interface have been made as well so let us know in the comments section below if you have started receiving them or if you spot anything new.

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