Two new iPhones coming next month, fingerprint scanner and 128GB option rumored

It seems like the Apple iPhone rumors have reached a fever pitch. After reports yesterday confirmed speculation that the new model will come in a gold color, the latest news is that there will be two iPhone models coming next month. This isn't much of a surprise since rumors pointed in that direction for a while now, but news officially leaked out from Apple's supplier Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. in Asia.

The two new phones are expected to start shipping next month. As expected, there will be a high-end model and a low-end model. In the media they've been referred to as the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C respectively, but no one has been able to confirm just yet if these are the actual names Apple plans on using. The strategy to ship a brand new low-end iPhone instead of just selling the iPhone 5 and 4S at lower prices could potentially allow Apple to bump the 4S right off the market. This would effectively get rid of all iPhones without a 4-inch display and Lightning connector.

Recent rumors have surfaced suggesting that a new feature on either one or both of the new iPhones will be a fingerprint scanner built in to the home button. The scanner would most likely serve to at least boost security, but developers would also likely find creative ways to use an API in their apps if one is released. Analysts also predict a 128GB storage option could be available for the first time with these new iPhones as well.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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