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Ubisoft: Reports of low player count in For Honor is fake news

A few months ago, reports emerged that Ubisoft's hack-and-slash title For Honor is losing a lot of players. Purported Steam statistics indicated that after bringing in over 41,000 players when it debuted, For Honor has been able to attract only 15,000 daily active players two weeks after launch day - which is a massive drop of over 63%.

However, a Ubisoft representative has now contested this report, saying that For Honor still has a lot of players.

Game Rant reports that during a For Honor livestream, Ubisoft Community Developer Eric Pope denied reports of low player count along with announcing the release schedule for the title's upcoming patch. He is reported to have said:

We have a lot of players in For Honor – believe it or not, fake news people, we have a lot of players in For Honor – to roll it out to.

It is important to note that reports of low player count were indicative of Steam's user base only, and were extrapolated by many publications to theorize that the title was also losing active players on other platforms, including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well.

As such, while it still may be true that For Honor is failing to retain active players on Steam, it appears that the title's user base on other platforms is large enough to deny these reports.

After its launch in February 2017, Ubisoft's For Honor currently holds a miserable rating of 45% on Steam, with thousands of players lamenting the title's poor match-making system.

Source: Game Rant | Image via UbiBlog

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