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Want to repair the Essential PH-1? How about no, says iFixit

Back in March, hype was building up about Android co-founder Andy Rubin's newest foray into the mobile space, the Essential PH-1. A few months later, the device was finally launched giving us a glimpse into Rubin's vision and now, thanks to iFixit, we know just a tad more about it.

According to the site, the PH-1 is anything but easy to repair, earning a measly one out of 10, due in no small part to the way in which it is put together. For one, the USB-C port is soldered to the motherboard, so any hope of repairing it on your own goes swiftly out the window. Even more of a deterrent is the fact that the iFixit crew tried to heat up the display in order to separate it from the body - which did not work -, then froze the entire device only to get inside. The LCD did not survive this operation though, cracking under pressure.

Image via iFixit

This is not the first phone to get a one out of 10 rating from iFixit, with the 2013 HTC One being among the first to receive such a score.

With its titanium construction and ceramic back, the phone is definitely on the more accident-proof end of the spectrum, and if anything, the fact that it's so difficult to disassemble may be a positive for some. It does come with the caveat that if something goes wrong, a DIY solution just won't do in the PH-1's case. The battery is held on via stretch-release adhesive, so there's that.

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