Watch out: Fake Bing AI crypto tokens are out there to steal your money

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Microsoft launched its new Bing chatbot AI nearly two weeks ago with tech that was developed in part by OpenAI, the creators behind the ChatGPT AI bot. While it generated a lot of hype, and a lot of odd conversations, one thing that neither the new Bing nor ChatGPT has done is get involved in crypto currency. Unfortunately, some scam artists are using the new Bing and ChatGPT to make people think they are indeed involved in the crypto industry.

According to DeCrypt, there are already a ton of fake crypto tokens that are attempting to use Microsoft and OpenAI's chatbot brands. It states:

At least 20 on the market are currently using the name BingChatGPT, according to a search carried out on DEXTools. Of these, 12 are on Binance’s BNB Chain, while another six have been created on Ethereum and two more on Arbitrum. Another 170 are using the ChatGPT name, with BNB once again the most common protocol on which they are issued.

Of course, Microsoft has yet to announce any crypto plans at all when it comes to the new Bing. So far, the company has yet to comment on these fake tokens that are using the Bing name in some way.

Some of these scam crypto tokens are what the industry calls "honeypots". It's a pretty basic scam; the person with the fake token promises to send the user a ton of money if they send some money first, only for that person with the fake token to simply take that money and never be heard from again. The article says two of the fake Bing tokens have high sales taxes, with the person who issued the token getting as much as 100 percent of the sales amount.

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