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YouTube Music brings a revamped radio experience with the "Create a radio" feature

YouTube Music has officially announced a “Create a radio” feature that launched on Android and iOS earlier this month. The company claims the capability allows more flexibility in music choice and control over what users listen to.

YouTubes Create a radio feature
YouTubes Create a radio feature

To create a radio station, individuals must scroll the Home feed till they see a “Create a radio” option (left image above) labeled “Your Music Tuner.” They must then select up to 30 artists from a variety of suggestions when creating their radio stations. They also have the choice to manage song selection and how often the selected artists appear in the playlist; they can choose from three options: Familiar, Blend, and Discover (image above on the right) which would either suggest similar artists or stick to the originally selected ones. Individuals can also apply filters to set the moods of the playlist, such as “downbeat”, “chill”, and “pump up.”

To make changes to the station, users can select the “Tune” option present at the bottom of the interface while listening to a playlist. Finally, to save the new playlist manually, users must select the “Add to Library” option beside the play button.

According to Google, the feature is currently available to the 50 million subscribers of YouTube Premium and Music combined, however, it is gradually rolling out to more subscribers.

Source: 9To5Google and Engadget | Images via 9To5Google

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