Watch this: Samsung's story behind the Galaxy S4 design

In case you somehow missed it, Samsung has launched a brand new flagship phone: the Galaxy S4. It features heavily improved specs, a larger screen, the latest version of Android and a ton of new software features.

However, one area where the S4 disappoints is in the design department. Rather than showing off some brand new design or better build materials Samsung opted to reuse the Galaxy S III design with the plastic covers and tacky build quality. At least that's what everybody thought. 

But this brand new video explains that the S4's design is actually brand new and "like nothing you've ever seen before". The video pretty much contradicts what our eyes can see while also going deeper and explaining Samsung's aim to deliver "meaningful value" to its customers.

Like many other things that Samsung does, this video is confusing and somewhat removed from reality but it's worth a look anyway.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Youtube) via: Engadget | Image via Samsung

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