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Windows 10: A closer look at the Action Center

One of the issues with Windows 8 is that if you had a notification pop up and you missed it, trying to find that app that triggered it was a time-wasting effort. To fix this issue in Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced the Action Center or as many will likely call it, the notification center.

The new feature lives in the system tray in the far right side of the task bar and launches with a single click. The icon is active and will change to let you know that you have new notifications without having to open up the window. When you have an unread notification, a small star will appear on this icon.

Once you do open the window, you will see all of your notifications that are sorted by the app that triggered the event. You can can also clear all of the notifications with the 'Clear All' button that is in the top right corner of the window too. Although, the X icon at the end of 'Clear All' is a bit deceptive as you would think that this would close the window when it actually clears all of the items in the center.

There is also the ability to mute notifications too. By right-clicking on the Action center icon, you bring up a menu that allows you to hide notifications for up to 8 hours.

And that's about it for the implementation. At this time, it's quite bare bones and we would expect more features be added in the future. 

What else will they add? Expect similar features to what is currently available in Windows Phone to make their way over to Windows as well. This means that new shortcuts to user defined features should make the jump to the desktop.

For now, you can play with the Action Center in 9860 but know that more features are coming and don't be surprised if the UI gets changed up a bit too.

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