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Windows 10: File Explorer gets the Share contract

Windows 10 brings with it many new features and some are much more obvious than others. For example, the virtual desktop feature is quite easy to spot but enabling the Notification Center is not so obvious. But as time goes on, little improvements will be spotted here and there and this time around, File Explorer has been updated too.

It looks like File Explorer is now tied into the Share contract which makes it quite easy to share files. While a 'Share' tab was present before in Windows 8, this is not quite the same as the Share contract. You can see in the images below, that the universal Share button is now present in File Explorer and this may be the first time that the Share contract has been used outside of a Modern app.

Windows 8 File Explorer with no Share contract
Windows 10 File Explorer with Share contract

The functionality of the button is a bit inconsistent as it doesn't always work but this is a technical preview and very much a beta product, so that is to be expected. We will be curious to see if this updated functionality makes its way into the final build, as anything is subject to change at this point with the OS.

There are likely tons of other little changes in this early preview build and if you happen to find any, make sure to send us a tip here.

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