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Windows 11 build 25182 has a hidden config allowing faster taskbar loading

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Microsoft's experiments with the taskbar in Windows 11 continue. After the company removed the refreshed taskbar animation, users have discovered a new hidden configuration allowing faster taskbar loading.

Windows 11 customers know how painfully slow the operating system restarts the taskbar and its icons. Apparently, Microsoft wants to fix this inconvenience by launching the taskbar parallel to the Immersive Shell, effectively reducing the time the operating system takes to run the taskbar and enable its icons.

Important: Back up important data before enabling hidden features in early Windows 11 builds. You might experience bugs, instabilities, or data loss after force-enabling features Microsoft keeps from the public.

How to make the taskbar load faster in Windows 11 build 25182?

  1. Download Vive Tool from its GitHub repository.
  2. Extract the files wherever convenient, for example, C:\Vive.
  3. Launch Windows Terminal as Administrator and switch to the Command Prompt profile.
  4. Navigate to the Vive folder using the CD command. For example, CD C:\Vive.
  5. Type vivetool /enable /id:39751186 and press Enter.
  6. Restart Windows Explorer to see the config in action.
  7. To revert the changes, use the vivetool /disable /id:39751186

After enabling the configuration, you will notice that the taskbar launches faster but without its default fly-up animation. We do not know whether it is intentional or just a side effect of Microsoft's experiments. You can try both variants and decide for yourself which one works better.

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