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Windows 8 app to bring back Start menu on desktop

Windows 8 may have been downloaded over 1 million times in its Consumer Preview version in its first day of release, however, a large number of long time Windows users on the PC have not been happy that the familiar Start menu cannot be accessed on the desktop version of Windows 8.

One of those people happens to be Brad Wardell, the founder and CEO of Stardock (who also happens to be part owner of Neowin too). So he and the company decided to do something about it. Today, Wardell and Stardock announced plans to release Start8, a free Windows 8 app that will enable the Start menu on the desktop like many old Windows users prefer it; on the bottom left corner of the screen. The app will also have a Run and Shutdown option when you right click on the menu.

In his own blog post describing the app, Wardell states:

I like Metro, I really do – for tablets. But as a desktop user, I need a consistent work flow that lets me have my windows together on my desktop and don’t want to be jerked out of that environment every time I want to start some new program.

The app is not yet available but the Start8 web page has an email form so people can sign up to be alerted when the app is released. It's expected to come out later this week.

Image via Stardock

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