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Woman thwarted due to her ''bulges'' in an attempt to smuggle 102 iPhones into China

Although Apple's iPhones are now readily available in China, it appears that the prices are a bit cheaper if they are purchased from Hong Kong, rather than from mainland China. Since this is the case, many have tried to take advantage of the price difference by importing the iPhone in high volume in order to turn a profit. Unfortunately, the method used to obtain these devices are not always sound, and rely on folks to smuggle them into the country.

A woman was recently caught while attempting to smuggle in 102 iPhones into China. She was thwarted when officials noticed something off, perhaps due to the bulges created by the collection of phones around her mid section. The phones were wrapped all the way around her torso, and she also had 15 luxury watches, which totaled to 44 pounds. The unnamed woman was arrested by customs officials in Shenzhen, China.

While 102 might sound like quite a number, it isn't quite as high as the previous attempt of 146 phones, but it also isn't as "low" as the 94 that were retrieved from another smuggler. This was a similar case of a man trying to smuggle in iPhones, having strapped a majority of them to his midsection and some to his legs.

Source and image: Kotaku

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