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Work begins on HTML5.1 via Github

The language which is the foundation for most of the Internet is set to have another facelift soon, with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) revealing that development of HTML5.1 is underway. The international body which dictates the standards of the Web have outlined that a draft recommendation of changes to the markup language should be completed by mid-June, with the finalized recommendation sent in September.

The update is currently being built via the software development code host Github, with anyone familiar with the data modifier bikeshed and HTML able to make simple edits to the code. In their proposal, the W3C said any issues should be brought to their attention. Alternatively, they said that a recommendation should be made on how to fix this issue, otherwise known as a Pull Request. "If you make a Pull Request, this will be automatically checked, and the editors, chairs, or W3C staff will contact you to arrange the details."

The W3C said the goal of HTML5.1 was to make it easier for its users to read, as well to streamline potential future changes. "The core goals for future HTML specifications are to match reality better, to make the specification as clear as possible to readers, and of course to make it possible for all stakeholders to propose improvements, and understand what makes changes to HTML successful."

All features proposed which are not supported by at least two browser engines will be automatically dropped, although the W3C said these additions may be added down the road as an extension. Unauthorized extensions on HTML5 have already been created by developers using Google's app and User Interface information repository, Web Components. However, W3C is working with Google to create a system which allows users to implement changes similar to Web Components.

HTML5 was made an official standard language in October of 2014, despite being in development since January of 2008.

Source: InfoWorld via W3C

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