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Xbox 360 gamers are the best at sex, apparently

Yes, people do actually do studies relating gamers' choice of consoles to their bedroom performances. The guys at Voucher Codes Pro in the UK have surveyed 1,747 partners of gamers, asking them what console their partner plays video games on, and also how good they are in bed, as part of "research into external influences on relationships".

The good news? If you're an Xbox 360 owner, apparently you are the most likely to be good at sex, with 54% being rated at least "Good" by their partners, while 22% were "Excellent". The next best console owners were those with a Wii or Wii U, of which 47% managed to be at least "Good" at sex, and 52% of respondents felt like there was a good balance between the amount of gaming and the frequency of sex.

The bad news? PC gamers were rated the worst at sex out of all the gaming systems, with only 3% being regarded as "Excellent" and a further 8% qualifying for "Very Good". Also, on the whole gamers are apparently quite average at sex, with 51% of the total failing to be rated "Good" by their partners, and 11% of participants claimed they wanted "less sex, more gaming" from their partners (ouch).

The whole study probably shouldn't be taken very seriously at all, but at least if you do happen own an Xbox 360 you could claim you're statistically more likely to be good at sex.

Source: The Escapist | High-fiving gamers image via Shutterstock

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