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Xbox One on display (under glass) at Microsoft's retail stores

If you have been wondering just what the Xbox One game console looks like up close, but haven't been able to go to events like E3 or this week's Gamescom show in Germany, you now have a chance to see one if you happen to live near a Microsoft Store location.

In a new YouTube video, Microsoft has announced that an Xbox One hardware unit, along with its controller and the Kinect sensor, will be on display at its many Microsoft Stores. While it's not stated in the video itself, it looks like Microsoft Stores will get a non-functioning version of the console, encased in a glass cage.

Still, if you want to see what the hardware looks like in the real world, instead of in videos or picture, this is better than nothing. We have emailed Microsoft to get clarification on if this is indeed a non working version of the Xbox One and if it will be shown in the full Microsoft Store locations or also in the smaller specialty shops.

We suspect that a few weeks before the Xbox One is actually released, there will be functioning demo units of the console in Microsoft Stores, as well as other retail locations like GameStop, Walmart and Target.

Source: Microsoft on YouTube

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