Xbox One outsold the Playstation 4 ...maybe

It’s no secret that Sony’s Playstation 4 has almost constantly outsold Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One. However, Microsoft’s current strategy seems to be working in its favour as the Xbox One may have outsold the PS4 in September.

The data comes from a Wedbush Securities analyst, Michael Pachter, who predicts that in the US, Microsoft’s console has outsold Sony’s only for the second month since it launched. According to his estimates 325,000 Xbox Ones were sold in the month of September, compared to only 250,000 PS4's. Of course these are just estimates and we’ll have to wait for NPD numbers later this week to see if they’re true.

As for what changed Microsoft’s fortunes in the console wars? Pachter believes it’s the company’s strategy of bundling new titles with the console, such as the recent Destiny and Madden bundles. These, of which we’ll see more in the near future, offer gamers a good deal with almost $100 in savings compared to buying a PS4 and the game separately.

Of course even if these numbers prove accurate, this is just a small one time bump for now, but Microsoft may see further success with this strategy as we move further into the holiday season.

Source: VentureBeat via: Forbes 

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