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Samsung 990 Pro 2TB with heatsink down to lowest price this World Backup Day

samsung 990 pro

Today is not only Easter Day for those who celebrate it, it is also World Backup Day which is always observed on March 31st. It is a reminder to evaluate your backup options, and if you haven't backed up your data for a while, today is the day you should think about correcting this gross oversight! To celebrate we will be sharing some great storage-related deals today.

UK readers need not feel left out, it did not escape us that the Samsung 990 Pro with heatsink has dropped to its lowest price this year at 15% off for £162.99 on Amazon UK.

Consider this a cheat code. Our Samsung 990 PRO Gen4 SSD helps you reach near max performance with lightning-fast speeds. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a tech guru, you’ll get power efficiency built for the final boss.

The Samsung 990 PRO SSD is a flagship PCIe Gen 4-based solid-state drive with a custom controller capable of reaching speeds of up to 7,450 MB/s read and 6,900MB/s write when connected with a compatible processor and motherboard with PCIe 4.0 support. You can use the drive with PCIe 3.0 motherboard too, but the max speed will be notably lower.

samsung 990 pro

Besides delivering blazing-fast speeds, the 990 PRO SSD ensures better energy efficiency than its predecessors. According to Samsung, the 990 PRO SSD can operate with a 50% more efficient price-per-watt ratio. However, if you plan to buy this drive for your laptop or tablet, make sure it can accommodate a PCIe 4.0 M2 2280 SSD.

samsung 990 pro

The Samsung 990 PRO SSD comes with a 5-year limited warranty and it is rated for 1.5 million hours or 2400 total board write cycles.

As you can see the version without a heatsink is only £3.99 cheaper.

If you're in the U.S. don't fret, Samsung has also dropped the price of the 990 Pro, but only for the variant without the heatsink, and unfortunately, not at an all-time-low price in any size.

Samsung is running a few other storage related deals today in the UK, in what it calls are a "Limited time deal" which probably indicates they will end after today, but you can save up to 51% off on SDcards, external T9 portable storage and the above mentioned 990 Pro.

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