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A McDonald's chicken nugget shaped like Among Us is selling for $40,000 on eBay [Update]

File this under crazy but a measly McDonald's chicken nugget that happens to resemble the characters from Among Us is selling for $40,000 on eBay. Among Us is a 2018 game that went viral in 2020. It revolves around a crew which is tasked to fix their ship while some impostors among the group stealthily attempt to kill off everyone before that happens.

A McDonalds chicken nugget shaped like a character from Among Us
Image courtesy of polizna/eBay

The absolutely bonkers price tag can be seen on the eBay listing, which stands at $39,877 after 148 bids at the time of this writing. According to the seller "polizna", the chicken nugget came from the McDonald's BTS combo meal and has an expiration of 14 days. As such, its condition is marked as "used" and it will be delivered in frozen condition before its expiry date.

The auction initially started with a bid of $0.99 but the price has skyrocketed since then. The official Among Us Twitter account is promoting the listing as well, which means that we can expect the price tag to go even higher.

Interestingly, the Xbox Twitter account also jumped in on the viral phenomenon, saying that the chicken nugget should at least come with szechuan sauce, and now the eBay seller says that they will offer that too if a buyer requests it.

How high the bids will go is anyone's guess at this point, but we have two more days before the auction ends and a lucky winner walks away with a mutated chicken nugget. Until then, you can give Among Us a go on PC since it is currently free on the Epic Games Store till June 3.

Update 14:30 CEST: The auction ended at midnight PT which was just over five hours ago, and the winning bid ended just short of $100K at $99,997. The lucky bidder only has a history of 5 bids total and a karma rating of 80% positive. Assuming the sale goes ahead, we wish the buyer all the happiness with the chicken nugget.

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