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Acer really doesn't like the Surface, continues to talk trash

When Microsoft pulled back the curtain on the Surface, many were left wondering how OEMs would react. While we have seen a bucket of mixed reactions, Acer continues to be pissed off at Microsoft over the Surface as they feel the company has the ability to take the entire market.

In an interview with Silconbeat, Acer CEO JT Wang has come out swinging at Microsoft and bashing them for their decision to compete with OEMs directly with their own hardware. Wang stated:

They are doing something to kill the whole ecosystem

Microsoft currently has about $63 billion in cash under its mattress and has the ability to launch a massive campaign to guarantee that the Surface becomes a household name. This, obviously, has Acer a bit on edge as they now have to compete with Apple's iPad and Microsoft's own tablet, both of which have instant name recognition credibility.

Only time will tell if the Surface is a hit with consumers and can take away sales from Acer and other vendors. Seeing as the field will be filled with products from other vendors besides Microsoft, consumers ultimately win as they get more options on retail shelves which is always a good thing.

Source: SilconBeat | Image Credit: June Blender Twitter

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