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Alleged Intel 10th-gen Comet Lake-S lineup leaked, up to 10 cores at over 5GHz

The appearance of Intel's 400-series chipset motherboards in the EEC database, a few months ago, meant that some, if not all, of those motherboard models would be launched in a few months time to accompany the upcoming Comet Lake-S desktop CPU lineup. Today, it looks like that entire lineup of Comet Lake-S has allegedly been leaked by 'Informatica Cero', who apparently was able to get its hands on slides from Intel that detail the names and clocks of the 14nm Comet Lake-S desktop SKUs.

Videocardz has also shared information on some more slides which were later removed by Informatica Cero. These outline the overall features of the Comet Lake-S lineup:


  • Up to 4.8 GHz All-Core Turbo
  • Up to 5.3 / 4.0 GHz Thermal Velocity Boost Singe / All-core Turbo
  • Up to 5.2 GHz Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0
  • Up to 10C and 20T
  • Up to DDR4-2933 MHz dual-channel
  • Enhanced Core & Memory Overclocking
  • Active Core Group Tuning

10th-gen Intel Core Desktop (CML-S) Processor Diagram:

  • NEW: Increased Performance (vs previous-gen) with up to 10 processor cores
  • Media & display features for premium 4k content support
  • NEW: enhanced core & memory overclocking
  • NEW: Intel Wifi 6 (GIG+) support
  • Intel Optane memory support
  • Up to 30 PCH-H high speed I/O lanes with port flexibility
  • Up to 40 PCIE 3.0 lanes (16 CPU/up to 24 PCH)
  • Integrated USB 3.2 2×1 (10Gb/s) support
  • NEW: Intel Rapid Store Technology (Intel RST) 17.X
  • Programmable (Open FW SDK) Quad-core audio DSP
  • C10 & S01X support for modern standby

NEW and Featured Technologies:

  • NEW: Up to 5.3 GHz with Intel Thermal Velocity Boost
  • NEW: Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0
  • NEW: Intel Hyperthreading Technology across 10th Gen Core i9 and i3 processors
  • NEW: Up to 10 cores 20M Intel Smart Cache
  • NEW: Up to DDR4-2933 support
  • NEW: Enhanced Core and & Memory Overclocking
  • NEW: Intel 400 Series Chipset
  • NEW: 2.5G Intel Ethernet Connection i225 (Foxville) support
  • NEW: Integrated WiFi 6(AX201) Gig+ support using CNBR

As of now, it's not clear how the new "Thermal Velocity Boost" technology will function, though it might be similar to how AMD's eXtended Frequency Range (XFR) technology works. It is apparently present only on the Core i9 models.

Roughly two months back, prolific leakster 'APISAK' managed to spot the Intel Core i3-10100 on the SiSoft Sandra benchmark database and the processor is also present on today's leaked slides. The exciting aspect of the Core i3-10100 is the presence of hyper-threading technology making it an eight-threaded processor. This was the first of such leaks, as a couple of other 10th gen models have also been spotted since. These include another i3 model dubbed Core i3-10300 as well as an i5 model dubbed Core i5-10600. The presence of hyper-threading on i3 means that Intel is looking to one up AMD's current Ryzen 3 lineup.

Below is a summary of the the entire leaked lineup of desktop Intel Comet Lake-S:

SKU Cores/
Base Clock 1-Core Turbo All Core Turbo Max Turbo 3.0 Thermal Velocity Boost TDP
i9-10900K 10C/20T 3.7GHz 5.1GHz 4.8GHz 5.2GHz 1-Core: 5.3GHz
All Core: 4.9GHZ
i9-10900 10C/20T 2.8GHz 5.0GHz 4.5GHz 5.1GHz 1-Core: 5.1GHz
All Core: 4.6GHz
i7-10700K 8C/16T 3.8GHz 5.0GHz 4.7GHz 5.1GHz N/A 125W
i7-10700 8C/16T 2.9GHz 4.7GHz 4.6GHz 4.8GHz N/A 65W
i5-10600K 6C/12T 4.1GHz 4.8GHz 4.5GHz N/A N/A 125W
i5-10600 6C/12T 3.3GHz 4.8GHz 4.4GHz N/A N/A 65W
i5-10500 6C/12T 3.1GHz 4.5GHz 4.2GHz N/A N/A 65W
i5-10400 6C/12T 2.9GHz 4.3GHz 4.0GHz N/A N/A 65W
i3-10320 4C/8T 3.8GHz 4.6GHz 4.4GHz N/A N/A 65W
i3-10300 4C/8T 3.7GHz 4.4GHz 4.2GHz N/A N/A 65W
i3-10100 4C/8T 3.6GHz 4.3GHz 4.1GHz N/A N/A 65W

Although still on 14nm, it is rumored that the new Socket LGA 1200 will be introduced in order to provide more power to the Comet Lake-S processors due to the higher TDPs compared to Coffee Lake-S. No information on pricing and availability was present on the slides, though we could expect to hear more at CES 2020.

Source and images: Cero Informatica via Videocardz

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