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AMD just made the awesome 5800X3D almost redundant with new $249 5700X3D

Back when AMD released the Ryzen 7 5800X3D, its first ever processor with 3D V-cache, the company impressed almost everyone with how capable a gaming chip this CPU was. And it was mostly due to the 3D stacked vertical L3 or Last level cache (LLC) that AMD managed to add on its 8-cored Zen 3 part.

All this extra cache meant that successful cache hits were greatly improved while cache misses were significantly reduced. Hence, the reliance on fast, low-latency system memory was consequently not as necessary.

While from the performance point of view, the improvement, which was typically found to be around 15% compared to non-X3D part, was great, it also came at a premium. The 5800X3D launched at $499, though over time, it has come down in price and has even hit sub-$300 price points.

Gaming performance improvement of AMD 3D V-cache

Currently, Newegg is running a promotion on it such that users can get a free 16GB memory kit alongside a 5800X3D for $315. The deal was even better previously where you could get a B450 motherboard worth around $90.

In case you don't have so much to shell out but still want the taste of X3D gaming, AMD has now announced the Ryzen 7 5700X3D, a slightly lower-clocked variant of the popular 5800X3D, and the pricing is very attractive too as the processor is now available on Amazon US and Newegg US for $249.

While the new 5700X3D does make the 5800X3D kind of redundant (unless the latter is on a discount like the one we linked above), there is still one aspect where a user may be better off choosing the more expensive part.

AMD's 5000 series X3D parts are not unlocked and hence users can not overclock them using simply the clock multiplier, and base clock (BCLK) overclocking is a bit too difficult for most folks anyway. Therefore it can be argued that for someone looking for the best X3D gaming CPU on socket AM4, the 5800X3D is probably going to be the better choice while the 5700X3D will provide almost as good a performance.

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